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Topic: Operation Cerc

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Search in: Information   Subject: Operation Cerc    Mon Mar 07, 2016 5:05 pm
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What is Operation Cerc, you ask? This is dedicated to helping Cerclorium gain more activity and members and hence living up to its purpose. It's been fun for everyone goofing around on the chatbox, but now it's time for more action and role-playing!

So how will this work?

Cerclorium's active members--Tsar, Vinder, Spanner, Aliria, Dakota, and Flapjack--will post regularly so that Cerclorium will gain more activity and popularity. More members will join and everyone will become more interested and make their character to role-play as well. An email will be sent to all inactive members asking them to make a character and join in the RPing.

That is, if Aliria comes back to SAGE...if she doesn't, then..Spanner and Flapjack'll be role-playing...Vinder and Dakota and Aliria'll be role-playing..and here I'll be...alone...with no-one... crying

Cerclorium will also be advertised on multiple other websites to get the word out! But for now, let's RP!!!

Any discussion of this project and questions and/or answers will be posted below please!

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