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 Forum Rules

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PostSubject: Forum Rules   Wed Nov 02, 2016 6:51 pm

Brace yourselves, the dreaded yet inevitable forum rules are coming. Well, don't worry, there aren't many and they're all pretty easy to follow. So without further ado...

  • Activity - Cerclorium isn't a chatbox, nor is it an arcade, nor is it a forum for your personal storage. Although we kindly provide all three, this is primarily a role-playing site and basically all that is required of you is that you role-play. This also isn't a website for your account to be a dust collector, so if you sign up you're accepting the fact that activity and commitment is required of you. Don't have time for the Internet? Don't join. Too busy with other websites? Don't join. If after you do join you become unable to remain active, please contact one of the administrators.

  • Secrecy - If you're a Neutral or you're planning on it, then you don't have to read any of these rules! This section only applies to members of SAGE or ORCAS.
    You must keep some things secret. It is allowed for you to tell people which side that you're on, but:
    - You cannot release any information about your side to a user from the opposing organization. Are you a member of ORCAS and they plan on blowing up SAGE? Don't tell anyone from SAGE.
    - You cannot link a member of the opposite side to any article, image or thread that will reveal anything about your side. Are you a member of ORCAS and have the link to the ORCAS portal? Don't share it with anyone from SAGE (or neutrals, for that matter).
    - Don't make another account and join the other guys so you can spy on them. If you want to become a spy, ask your leader first and they'll make the arrangements if you have their permission to become a spy.
    - If you're a spy, you cannot tell on yourself UNLESS you want to in character and you have express permission from your leader. If you're a member of ORCAS and you've joined SAGE with another account, don't tell anyone from SAGE that you're a spy; if you want your character to let the cat out of the bag, get permission from your leader first.

  • Behavior - Trolling, spamming, and rudeness are not tolerated here! This is self explanatory. Also keep content child friendly. Mild violence is aloud, but nothing extremely gory. Major swearing is forbidden, and starring out most of the word, using acronyms that include a swear word or trying to get around the censoring function by putting transparent dots in between the letters are also not aloud. Don't link to anything that includes inappropriate content. There are seven of us on the staff team and nothing is going to slip by unnoticed.

  • Safety - For your own safety, there is some personal information we can't allow you to post:
    - Your age or the year you were born (unfortunately, this includes Chinese Zodiacs)
    - Your address
    - The name of your school
    - Pictures that reveal your face

    Posting your full name, birthday, or country/state is all acceptable; but personal information might harm you if it falls into the wrong hands.

Tsar Bar
Apologies if you thought this was a candy bar; it's actually something similar to any forum's infraction system, but with a twist.

On every profile is a field viewable and editable only by administrators. You start out with a fully green bar. If you break a rule, your bar turns green/orange. If you break another rule, it becomes orange. Another rule break and your bar turns orange/red, and yet another rule break means your bar becomes red. Then you have one more chance and if you break a rule again, your bar becomes black and you are given either a temporary or permanent ban. Hopefully, you won't ever break so many rules that you end up banned.

Each month that you're inactive, your bar drops in color. If you're inactive long enough, you will be sent an email requesting that you log on to the site; if you don't respond after a week, your account is deleted.

That ended up being a lot longer than I expected, but oh well. If you have any questions about the above rules, please post it below or message one of the administrators. San Kyuu!
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Forum Rules
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