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 Cerclorium High

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Name: Algernon Phoenix Flemming
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PostSubject: Cerclorium High   Fri Apr 01, 2016 5:35 pm

Once upon a time, there was a girl named Tsar. Tsar was a nice person and quite intelligent, though she was also very clumsy. Because they thought she was weird, the mean girls made fun of her, led by their queen bee, an especially mean girl named Dakota.

Luckily for Tsar, she had a small group of very good friends to support her! There was Vinder, the calm one; Spanner, the nice one; and Aliria, the smart one.

Also attending Cerclorium High was a boy named Jello. Jello was very popular, and extremely attractive. Tsar liked Jello, but she was always much too shy to talk to him.

One day, Tsar accidently bumped into Jello in the hallway, and dropped her bag, which spilled stuff all over the ground.

"I- I'm sorry!" stuttered Tsar as she leaned down to pick up her books, blushing wildly.

"It's fine," said Jello, smiling ather as he helped pick up the books.


"He smiled at you?" asked Vinder as they walked home that afternoon.

Aliria grinned and said sarcastically, "Just how much did you embarrass yourself?"

"I did not embarrass myself!" protested Tsar, smiling despite the rude comment.

Unfortunately, Dakota lived nearby, and she overheard them thalking.

"You like Jello? Really?" Dakota laughed. "Well you won't get him. Tomorrow I'm gonna ask him to the school dance, and of course he's going to say yes!"

Tsar thought for a moment. Before she could say anything, Spanner yelled, "Well, Tsar's gonna ask him too, and he's gonna say yes to her because she's much cooler that you!"


The next day, before class, Tsar got up her courage and walked up to Jello.

"Jello, will you, uh," she paused for a moment, then said as fast as she could, "go to the dance with me?"

"No, he won't," said Dakota, who happened to be nearby, "because he's going with me!"

"I never agreed to that!" said Jello, surprised.

"You didn't have to!" explained Dakota. "I'm the prettiest girl at the school, and you're the cutest boy, so we have to go together!"

"But I'd rather go with Tsar," said Jello.

"R- Really?!?" gasped Tsar.

The bell rang, and they all hurried off to class. Standing outside the science room, where Tsar had class, was a boy she didn't recognize.

"Hello," said Tsar. "Who are you?"

"I'm Kaito," said the boy. "The new exchange student from Japan."

"I'm Tsar, nice to meet you," she said.

"Nice to meet you too, Tsar-san," said Kaito.

"San? What does that mean?" asked Tsar.

"In Japan, it's polite to use the honorific san after people's names," explained Kaito. "I've heard you don't do it here in America though, I should try to stop."

"You don't have to, Tsar-san sounds pretty cool!" said Tsar. "Does that mean I should call you Kaito-san?"

"I suppose," said Kaito. "Now, I'm supposed to go to Ms. Amber's class, do you know where that is?"

"It's right here!" said Tsar, gesturing at the door they stood by. "I've got her class first hour too, want to sit next to me?"


Get ready for part 2 later today, hopefully!

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Name: Alan Lord
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PostSubject: Re: Cerclorium High   Fri Apr 08, 2016 10:53 pm

Later at noon, Kaito and Tsar walked into the cafeteria together. Soon after they sat down with their lunch, a figure suddenly loomed over the table.

"Can I have a seat here?" Jello asked the two.

Kaito looked at Tsar, who didn't want to turn away her crush but wanted to sit and talk alone with Kaito as well. Suddenly Dakota appeared by Jello's side, slipping her arm around his. "You don't want to sit with that loser," she told him, shooting Tsar a mean look before dragging Jello back to her own table.

Kaito glanced at Tsar again, who was blushing slightly. "Do you like him?" he asked, and Tsar's face turned as red as one of her tomatoes. "N-No!" she lied, closing her eyes and smiling to hide her embarrassment.


As the school day progressed and eventually came to an end, Tsar and Kaito became good friends and bid their goodbyes before turning their separate ways to walk home. Aliria, Spanner, and Vinder then joined Tsar.

"Don't tell me you've dumped Jello already!" Vinder picked on Tsar while playfully poking her.


"Come on, we saw you talking to that Japanese exchange student today!"

"I was just helping out the new student, that's all!" she replied, grinning.

Unfortunately Dakota appeared and walked right up to Tsar, grabbing onto her shoulder to stop her.

"A word of advice: stay away from Jello and all the boys at Cerclorium High for that matter unless you want a face operation." And with that Dakota walked off, leaving the foursome behind.


Tsar decided to ignore Dakota's warning, and the next day at school before class started Kaito approached her in the hall.

"C-Can I ask you something?" he asked.

"Sure, what is it?"

"W-Would you go with me to the school dance?" he said somewhat awkwardly. "You're the only person I've really made friends with here..."

She blushed again before responding. "I'll think about," she replied, smiling. Then the doorbell rang and she made her way to class and sat down.

Tsar looked over beside her and saw an unfamiliar face. The boy flashed a vague smile in Tsar's direction, giving her the impression he was attempting communication with her. 

Though she didn't understand why, the girl offered a timid smile in return. 

His eyes twinkled, and he gave her a wink before returning his attention to the teacher.

And so began Tsar's harem.
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Name: Aenara Connelly
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PostSubject: Re: Cerclorium High   Sun Apr 10, 2016 7:58 pm

Tsar exited the classroom at a trot, eager to catch up with her friends at lunch. Yet on the way to the cafeteria, she glimpsed Aliria. She hurried forward, but paused. 

Aliria was with someone. They were laughing. 

Tsar watched as the fawn-haired boy reujusted his hat -- a bizarre little cap with pointed ears -- and turned down the hallway. 

She waited for a moment before starting toward Aliria. 


At lunch, the four friends were talking about the dance. 

"So," Vinder drawled.  "I heard someone with blue hair asked you to the dance."

Tsar smiled slightly. "There are three blue-haired boys in our school you know."

"Speaking of which, who's he?" Aliria asked, pointing her spoon toward the far end of the room. 

Sitting alone at an empty table, sat the boy from class earlier. 

"That's Ikuto Tsukiyomi."

Tsar turned to face the speaker. "Oh, hi, Killua-kun."

"Tsar-sama," he greeted. "Aliria-senpai, Spanner-senpai, Vinder-san."

Vinder made a face and went back to her lunch. 

"You just got on lunch break?" Tsar asked. 

"Yep." He grinned. "You used an honorific!"

"Yeah, there's a guy in my class who was telling me about them." 

Killua glanced to the group moving toward the other end of the room. "That's great." He waved and trotted backwards toward the rest of his class. "See ya!"


Tsar was in her last class. She shared it with Vinder and, though she never gave it any thought before, the boy with the animal ear hat. 

"There is a fifth dimension beyond that which is known to man," the teacher was explaining. "It is a dimension as vast as space and as timeless as infinity..."

Tsar cast a glance toward the fawn-haired boy curiously. Did Aliria like him? She couldn't see why. His hair wasn't blue. He didn't have bizarre marks on his face. He couldn't sing, and he didn't seem mysterious. 

With a bewildered shrug, she turned back to the teacher's monologue.



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Name: Aaron Price
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PostSubject: Re: Cerclorium High   Wed Apr 20, 2016 9:03 pm

The next day, there wasn't any school so Tsar invited Aliria, Vinder and Spanner to her house. As they sat in Tsar's room, eating chocolate and cookies, they began talking. As is usual with teenage girls, the talk turned to boys.

"So, who are you going to the dance with?" Vinder asked, lying on Tsar's bed, a chocolate biscuit in her hand.

Tsar shrugged, sitting backwards on her desk chair. Taking a bite of her chocolate, she avoided the question for a minute.

"I dunno," she said, finishing her mouthful. "I've got a while to think about it. What about you, Aliria. Who was that boy you were talking to yesterday?"

Aliria blushed from where she sat on Tsar's bed.

"N-no one. He's just... a friend," she muttered. Vinder grinned, before turned to look at Spanner, who sat against the bed, on the floor.

"What about you?" she asked. Spanner shrugged.

"No one's asked."

"Who do you want to go with?" Aliria asked. "There's lots of boys at the school."

"I don't really mind. I might just go with a book," she said with a grin. Lowering her voice, she added, "Dakota came over to my house yesterday. She asked my brother, Plat, if he would go to the dance with her."

The others exchanged glances, surprised.

"What did he say?" Tsar asked, surprised that a mean girl like Dakota would ask out a nice boy like Plat.

"He said no. I think he's got his eye on someone else," Spanner said, grinning.

"Who?" Vinder asked, sitting up.

Spanner just smiled, and tapped the side of her nose, then laying a finger on her lips.
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PostSubject: Re: Cerclorium High   

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Cerclorium High
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