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 Cerclorium 101

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PostSubject: Cerclorium 101   Fri Jan 01, 2016 12:42 pm


    In the year about 2100, there was a woman who lived on the planet Earth by the name of Kalingrania. By this time, Earth had become very advanced in the fields of science and technology. Making trips to the moon and even other planets weren't uncommon at all. Aliens were no longer alien, but other species that helped and interacted with human beings everyday. It wasn't strange to see a Martian walking around in public. Anyway, this particular woman was an alien herself. No-one knows exactly which planet she originated from, but that is not important. What is important is the fact that there was a certain creature that lived down in the depths of the Pacific. This creature was unknown to everyone; except Kalingrania, that is. She knew of the creature's existence and she knew of the harm that it was about to do to Earth. For this creature was very powerful, and its power to destroy was unbelievable. It could wipe out an entire one-hundred acres without so much as breathing. Its very existence was a threat to humankind and everyone else on the planet Earth.Kalingrania warned everyone about the creature. Before long the news of the deadly creature had gone on every screen and newspaper. But, some refused to believe. Some considerable amount of people tried to say that Kalingrania had gone out of her mind, and others said she was not to be trusted. They made up excuses for the incidents that had occurred and argued that there was no creature alive as powerful as she said it was. But, the majority of the people on Earth believed her and made plans to migrate via hundreds if not thousands of spaceships to a planet that Kalingria had told to be a safe planet for everyone to live.This planet's name was Cerclorium.


    The year is now 2350. Humans and aliens alike have been happily dwelling on Cerclorium for over 200 years. Unfortunately, those who did not believe of the highly dangerous creature refused to leave Earth and stayed behind, meeting a terrible demise when Earth was destroyed.Even though Cerclorium's inhabitants have been living in peace for two and a half centuries, all is not well. An organization, code ORCAS (Organization of Rebel Citizens Against SAGE), have found a tiny volcanic being, whom they call My'oreg--or Morey--and is now dormant. Through lots and lots of research, they have discovered that Morey can be revived with the right technology, and, once awake, will grow and become something that can serve very useful to ORCAS.

    But, a group stands against them: SAGE. SAGE argues that Morey is dangerous and shouldn't be revived, and are doing everything they can to stop ORCAS.There is yet another group, the neutrals. The neutrals are the commonfolk and civilians of Cerclorium who try to live a peaceful life away from the war.The time has come. You must pick a side. Will you join ORCAS, and be a part of world domination? Will you join SAGE, and try to stop them? Or will you be neutral? You have to decide, and your decision may make the difference.




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Cerclorium 101
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